Keynote Speaker

Prof. Sureswaran Ramadass
(Malaysian University of Science and Technology, Malaysia)

Session: Onsite

Short Bio:

Professor Sureswaran Ramadass is Professor Emeritus at the Malaysian University of Science and Technology (MUST). He is also the Chairman (Steering Committee) of the ITU (International Telecommunications Union) IPv6 and IOT Center of Expertise, and focuses on 5G technology. Prior to this, he was the founding Director and Professor at the National Advanced IPv6 Centre of Excellence (NAV6), Universiti Sains Malaysia. In Industry, he is the Chief Scientist at NLTVC Sdn Bhd. (NLTVC is a Next Generation Internet Communications research and development company) He obtained his BsEE/CE (Magna Cum Laude) and Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Miami in 1987 and 1990 respectively. He graduated top student in the College of Engineering. He obtained his PhD from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) in 2000 while serving as a full time faculty.

Some of his recognitions include being awarded :

  • The “Anugerah Tokoh Negara” (National Academic Leader) for Innovation and Commercialization in 2008 by the Minister of Higher Education. This award is given in recognition to contributions to Innovation and commercialisation in the area of science and technology
  • Emeritus Chair, IPv6 Forum Education Programme.
  • The Wireless World Research Forum Fellow in April 2010. This fellowship award was presented in recognition to his contribution in the area of Next Generation Networks and IPv6.
  • Malaysian Innovation Award by the Prime Minister in 2007 and again by the Minister of Science and Technology in 2009. These Awards were given in recognition for his contribution towards innovations in the areas of Multimedia Conferencing Systems and Real-time Advanced Security Monitoring

Title: IPv6 over 5G


5G is the new fifth generation cellular mobile communications technology. Generally, most earlier generations have technically been defined by their data transmission speeds. With 5G, this is extended to many other aspects as well.
5G especially brings three new aspects to the table:
1. greater speed (to move more data).
2. lower latency (to be more responsive).
3. and the ability to connect a lot more devices simultaneously (for IOT sensors and smart devices).

IPv6 support has been part of the 3GPP standards since the first release of the specifications. It extends to all radio access and packet-based system variants of the 3GPP architecture family, including 5G. With the ever growing business and commercial incentives, wider adoption of IPv6, especially over technologies like LTE and 5G is taking place.
This talk will cover the technical aspects of how IPv6 is crafted to work hand in hand with 5G. The merging of these 2 technologies is like a marriage made in heaven. This includes the benefits of having an 5G IPv6 only network and how to potentially implement the “My IP, My ID”, ie your very own IPv6 address for life.

Craig S Wright, PhD
(Chief Scientist at nChain)

Session: Onsite

Short Bio:

Dr Craig S Wright is the inventor of Bitcoin and the author of the Bitcoin white paper. He established nChain in 2015, where he is the Chief Scientist and where his ideas have led to thousands of patent applications. Dr Wright has more than 30 years of experience in the fields of information technology and IT security, having conducted more than 1,200 engagements for hundreds of private and governmental organisations. Dr Wright worked on systems protecting the Australian Stock Exchange, and helped design the architecture for the world’s first online casino. Dr Wright is currently a candidate for two additional PhDs, in Law and Applied Mathematics, adding to the major industry certifications and several advanced academic degrees he already holds.

Prof. Latif Ladid
(Founder & President, IPv6 FORUM)

Session: Onsite

Short Bio:

  • Founder & President, IPv6 FORUM ( )
  • Member of 3GPP PCG (Board) (
  • Founding Chair, 5G World Alliance ( )
  • Chair, ETSI IPv6 Industry Specification Group :
  • IEEE Steering Committee Member: 5G, IoT
  • Chair, IEEE ComSoC IoT subcommittee ( )- Chair, IEEE ComSoC 5G subcommittee (
  • Vice Chair, IEEE ComSoC SDN-NFV subcommittee:
  • Emeritus Trustee, Internet Society – ISOC (
  • IPv6 Ready & Enabled Logos Program Board (
  • World summit Award Board Member ( )
  • Research Fellow @ University of Luxembourg on multiple European Commission Next Generation Technologies IST Project
  • Member of 3GPP2 PCG (
  • Member of UN Strategy Council
  • Member of Future Internet Forum EU Member States (representing Luxembourg)

Title: IPv6-based IoT, 5G/6G, Cloud Computing and Blockchain

IPv6 penetration worldwide has crossed 50% worldwide in 2022 with China reaching 700 M IPv6 users and India crossed 350 M. Malaysia, Japan, Vietnam and Sri Lanka are ahead of many European countries. IPv6 in Asia will make Asia the biggest IPv6 deployment continent. This enables the Digital transformation and the modernisation of the Internet infrastructure ready to deploy modern Two-way IoT applications, Two way 5G/6G services, scalable Cloud Computing and end to end Blockchain, enabling thereby true use of the New Internet vision sparking multiple Internet innovations empowering the Internet users more than ever before becoming producers instead of just simple users. India will be probably be the biggest Blockchain nation in the world using the BSV platform. Indonesia is its way to update its networks.

This event is an excellent platform to disseminate the best practices and guidelines how to drive deployment of IPv6 in this great nation