Tutorial Title: IoT: Modelling the Business and Capturing the Value to monetization


Mr. Arief Hamdani Gunawan


Arief Hamdani Gunawan (SMIEEE) is a Senior Advisor at Telkom Indonesia and assist telecommunication and digital research. He has more than 25 years of telecommunication sector experience includes handling telecommunications and technology regulations and as a resarcher at the R&D Center at the beginning of his career. He has a Bachelor of Engineering background from Telkom University, a Master of Science for National Resilience from the University of Indonesia, a Master of Science in Technology Law and Policy at Arakssas State University, and a Master of Legal Studies at the University of Arizona. Trusted as the Advisory Board of the IEEE Indonesia Section and has served as IEEE Indonesia Section chair as well as Comsoc Indonesia Chapter Chair.


IoT by nature cannot be separated from technology and innovation. IoT that is not presented with the right technology and in the end there is no innovation to make human life more comfortable will be difficult for society to accept.This tutorial will discuss business modeling related to IoT which will also be more appropriate if it also follows technology and innovation. The session will also share about the transformation that needs to be done, which is given by looking at the phenomenon that digital transformation in business can be approached by means of internalities to simplify processes and externalities to provide a customer experience.

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